As Media Days went down in the B1G and SEC this week, a big story that stole many headlines is the potential addition of Texas and Oklahoma to the SEC.

Should the Longhorns and Sooners bolt the Big 12 for the SEC, that decision would likely set off a run of realignment in conferences throughout the country. According to reports, Kansas and the B1G have already communicated regarding the potential for realignment.

Regardless of what happens, the decisions over the coming weeks will likely set the landscape of college football for many years to come. B1G Commissioner Kevin Warren addressed those decisions Friday.

“What does this do to our academic mission?,” he said. “What does it do to our athletic mission? What does it do from a television network standpoint, what does it do from a health and safety standpoint? These are things that you have to be very thoughtful about. But on the flip side, that’s one of the reasons why I left the Vikings to come here is because it makes for exciting times ahead. I’m a big believer that decisions that are being made now are going to impact college athletics literally for the next 25 to 50 years.”