There’s been no definitive decision made about the upcoming college football season, but B1G commissioner Kevin Warren continues to promote an optimistic outlook.

Joining HBO’s Real Sports this week, Warren was asked about how things stand regarding the B1G football season. The commissioner says the plan, at least right now, is still to hold kickoff as scheduled.

“What we’re planning is to start on time. But there’s so many parts, this is a fluid situation,” Warren said, according to Dan Hope of Eleven Warriors. “We need to come together to make sure that we understand that everything we do, everything we say, all of our decisions matter.”

B1G athletic departments have already started to allow student-athletes to return to campus to begin voluntary workouts. All student-athletes, coaches and staff have been tested for COVID-19 and proper guidelines and protocols are in place.

However, due to recent outbreaks at schools like Texas, Kansas State, LSU and Clemson, there’s some concern about the 2020 season. And with around two months until the season is scheduled to begin, decisions will have to be made in the near future.

For now, things are proceeding as planned. But Warren didn’t rule out potential changes to that schedule.