There was some really good basketball that took place during the first session of the quarterfinal round of the B1G Tournament, but all the talk on Friday is about the skirmish between Michigan’s Juwan Howard and Maryland’s Mark Turgeon.

In the second half of Friday’s game, Howard and Turgeon got into a yelling match that resulted in Howard trying to charge the Maryland bench. He had to be restrained by assistant coaches and officials and was eventually assessed a double-technical foul and was ejected from the game. Turgeon was given a single technical.

Between sessions, B1G commissioner Kevin Warren made an appearance on Big Ten Network and was asked about the situation involving the two coaches. He said that the punishments during the game were sufficient and that there would be no further action taken.

Obviously it wasn’t  a great look, but considering that nothing more severe happened, it’s probably fair that the B1G leave this one alone, especially with the NCAA Tournament upcoming.

Michigan went on to defeat Maryland 79-66 to advance to the semifinal round of the B1G Tournament. The Wolverines will play rival Ohio State on Saturday.