Rare is it that the B1G is called “overrated.” Usually the “underrated” argument is more prevalent.

In most years, the B1G has struggled to stack up against the SEC and Pac-12. This year, however, has been a different story. Four B1G teams ranked in the top eight of the College Football Playoff poll would suggest that much.

Perhaps that’s why the B1G has finally earned the right to be called “overrated.” According to ESPN Insider K.C. Joyner, this bowl season could expose the B1G as just that.

He outlined the reasons why the conference could struggle this postseason. In his piece, Joyner referenced the top-heaviness and the fact that the B1G is an underdog in the majority of its bowl games.

Those points are hard to ignore, considering Iowa is the only team outside of the top four (Michigan, Ohio State, Penn State and Wisconsin) to beat a team ranked in the current top 25.

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But Joyner added some other subjective points to his argument. He claimed that the B1G — not the SEC — has “the weakest crop of quarterbacks among Power Five conferences.” Joyner also wrote that’s why the B1G had the weakest offensive numbers, as well.

Never mind the fact that while the B1G was attempting to throw the ball in sub-freezing conditions in November, the majority of Power Five teams didn’t have to deal with those elements.

Joyner also referenced the B1G’s “weakest Power Five schedule.”

Yet the B1G — not the ACC or SEC — plays a nine-game conference slate. And of the six possible non-B1G teams in the current CFP top 10, the B1G faced half of them in non-conference play. That number goes to seven if you include the entire top 25.

Only time will tell if the B1G really is a “fraud.” But if the conference goes 7-3 and pulls off a few upsets, Joyner and other doubters will hear about it.