Big Ten fans and media had a lot to say following the announcement that Wisconsin-Nebraska has been cancelled due to a COVID-19 outbreak.

Most frustration stems from a lack of flexibility that the Big Ten created with some poor decision-making. Because there are no bye weeks in this eight-game season, Wisconsin-Nebraska — and any other cancelled Big Ten games — will simply be declared a no contest.

Many are blaming this reality on a decision that was made Aug. 11 to cancel the Big Ten’s fall season. Prior to that announcement, the Big Ten’s schedule for this season included multiple bye weeks for every team and additional flexibility at the end of the campaign.

By the time that decision was reversed, all possible schedule flexibility was gone.

Some are also frustrated with the Big Ten’s policies, which are more strict than other conferences. Specifically, the rule that says athletes who test positive must sit out of game action for at least 21 days.