There might be a quip here, a jab there, a passive-aggressive comment might go viral or a quick soundbite could be the talk of the day. Mostly, though, B1G head coaches are pretty cautious with their words during the annual media days event.

You can hardly blame coaches for taking a traditional, non-exciting path to answer questions. The last thing these guys want is to be the focal point of the offseason, drawing any unnecessary attention to the program while preparing for the upcoming season.

What if there was some sort of immunity to their answers, though? Or, even better, what if we had access to a truth serum that forced coaches to answer questions honestly? That might really open the floor up to some interesting questions.

A list of questions I’d love to ask could go on for days, but I’ve limited it to just a handful. Here are a few I’d like to throw out during B1G Media Days this week if I knew we’d be getting an honest response:

Ryan Day: Could you have realistically scored 100 points on Michigan last year?

Remember that spat with Jim Harbaugh on a conference call that led Day to rally his troops behind the “we’re gonna hang 100 on their ass”? I’m curious to know if Day truly believes his offense could’ve hit triple digits against Michigan last season. After building a sizable lead, would Ohio State’s defense let up a bit in an attempt to get the offense as many possessions as possible? There’s a slim chance it would’ve actually happened, but it’s not impossible.

Bret Bielema: How bad was the in-state recruiting situation when you arrived?

Not much went right under Lovie Smith at Illinois, but the loudest gripes came over the lacking ability to recruit in-state talent. It didn’t take Bielema long to make contact with high school coaches and send out the Illinois Department of Transportation to barricade off all roads leaving the state. Bielema’s approach to in-state recruiting has already paid off and it leaves you wondering just how poorly Smith built and maintained those relationships.

Tom Allen: Are there any jobs that would pull you away from Indiana?

Allen seems like a guy who is comfortable staying at Indiana for his entire coaching career. There aren’t many associated with college football who would stay true to IU considering its history and traditional lack of fan support. So, that begs the question, is there an ideal job that would lure Allen out of Bloomington? Or is he really a Hoosier for life?

Paul Chryst: On a scale of 1-to-10, how much do you hate being at B1G Media Days?

We’re going to hear it this week. When he makes his opening remark at the podium, Chryst will mutter the phrase, “excited to be here.” For some reason, I don’t believe him. I understand that speaking to the media isn’t a football coach’s ideal responsibility, but I want to know just how much Chryst hates it. Would he rather be changing a tire in the middle of nowhere at midnight?

Jim Harbaugh: Was there ever any doubt you’d be returning to Michigan?

Rumors circulate every offseason about Harbaugh’s interest in returning to the NFL and Michigan wanting to make a change at the head coaching position, but there seemed to be a little more smoke following a 2-4 year in 2020. Was there any truth to those rumors? Harbaugh does a solid job denying any and all the speculation in the offseason, but I’d still want to know the answer under the spell of that truth serum.

Scott Frost: If given the chance to go back in time, would you have stayed at UCF ?

Frost had to take the job at Nebraska. He was the hottest job on the market after the 2017 season and it appeared to be a match made in heaven. It still might be. But it’s probably fair to acknowledge that Nebraska was in a little bit worse of a situation than we initially thought. Knowing what he knows now, would Frost have stuck at UCF a little while longer to hone his coaching skills and wait for another opportunity?

Kevin Warren: Why weren’t you more available during the college football season?

This is probably the question a lot of B1G fans would love to ask after all the on-again, off-again drama surrounding the football season in 2020. After a few interviews on Big Ten Network, the newly-appointed commissioner was basically in hiding. We didn’t hear much from him until the B1G Championship Game in mid-December. Why was that?

Anyone: Is Barry Alvarez actually going to be a liaison in the B1G?

It was reported in May that Alvarez would be shifting into a liaison role in the B1G office, working with the league administration and football coaches. A few days later, the longtime Wisconsin head coach and AD denied the reports that he had a job lined up. I’d like to know if something is in the works.