Palm, meet face.

Last week, I spent this section writing about how betting against Mark Dantonio was such a foolish idea. How could I ever do such a thing? I declared that it should be a rule all of us follow, no matter what the circumstances are.

Then Wisconsin happened.

If you actually read this part and don’t just skip to the picks — I have your team losing — then kudos. You have earned the right to call me out for my boneheaded move to assume MSU was back to looking like MSU. I give you the green light to troll me or tell me I should find another hobby. You see what happens when you read?

So before I make another dumb proclamation, here are our Week 5 B1G picks:

Last week

Connor O’Gara: 4-3

Dustin Schutte: 5-2


Connor: 34-11

Dustin: 35-10

Northwestern vs. Iowa Northwestern 20, Iowa 17 Iowa 21, Northwestern 7
Rutgers vs. No. 2 Ohio State Ohio State 55, Rutgers 10 Ohio State 49, Rutgers 10
Purdue vs. Maryland Maryland 34, Purdue 23 Maryland 35, Purdue 21
No. 8 Wisconsin vs. No. 4 Michigan Michigan 29, Wisconsin 27 Michigan 24, Wisconsin 20
Illinois vs. No. 15 Nebraska Nebraska 36, Illinois 13 Nebraska 38, Illinois 14
Minnesota vs. Penn State Minnesota 26, Penn State 22 Minnesota 38, Penn State 35
No. 17 Michigan State vs. Indiana Michigan State 38, Indiana 28 Michigan State 42, Indiana 28