The Big Ten’s bounce back week was noted.

After a 12-2 Week 2 showing, ESPN moved the Big Ten up in the conference power rankings. Power Five wins by Iowa, Michigan, Michigan State helped the Big Ten make the biggest jump of any conference. The SEC, on the other hand, fell more than any other conference after a 9-5 week.

The rankings are based on this formula:

“…The Conference Power Rankings are a formula that equally weighs the rankings from the Associated Press poll and ESPN’s Football Power Index (FPI) to determine the best and worst conferences in the country. The AP Poll is designed to capture the strength at the top of the conference, while FPI is intended to capture conference depth.”

Here’s how the Power Five conference rankings stand after Week 2:

  1. SEC — Rating: 92.4 (-3.9)
  2. Big 12 —Rating: 86.2 (+2.0)
  3. Pac-12 — Rating: 81 (+1.5)
  4. Big 10 — Rating: 70.2 (+3.6)
  5. ACC — Rating: 65.8 (+2.6)