Call it drawing the short straw.

When the season schedules are assembled, somebody has to have the easiest and somebody has to have the hardest — it’s just the way things work.

This season the B1G schedule short straw goes to both Purdue and Michigan, while Northwestern managed to have the last laugh.

Ironically, Northwestern is coming off a stellar season which saw the Wildcats reach the B1G Championship game, only to fall to Ohio State. But for Purdue and Michigan, both programs are looking to bounce back from 2-win seasons.

For Purdue, they face in-state rival Notre Dame (No. 9) before beginning a run of conference games that include Ohio State (No. 4), Wisconsin (No. 12), Indiana (No. 17) and Iowa (No. 18).

Michigan will  face Washington (No. 20) in Week 2 before beginning their B1G schedule that includes Ohio State (No. 4), Wisconsin (No. 12), Indiana (No. 17) and Penn State (No. 19).

Northwestern somehow managed to get the best draw, without having to face a top-25 team until they host No. 18 Iowa on Nov. 6. They follow up with a trip to Madison to take on No. 12 Wisconsin the following week.