There are reports that the Big Ten is implementing a new rule with regard to positive COVID-19 tests.

According to Iowa AD Gary Barta, any football player who tests positive for COVID-19 on Friday or Saturday can now get a follow-up PCR test, and still play should that test be returned negative.

Barta said earlier Thursday, “if a student-athlete tests positive with the rapid antigen test, we will be able to test a student-athlete on either team with a PCR and get that result before the game. If they test negative on the PCR, they’ll still be able to play.”

The previous testing model involved only antigen tests prior to games, which is less reliable and would require a PCR test later. Both teams are now allowed to get a rapid PCR test if it is in a location available to both teams. While it does not sound like this will always be a possibility, Barta says both Michigan State and Iowa will have the capabilities to do a quick turnaround on a PCR test this weekend should it be necessary.

Last week, Ohio State linebacker Justin Hillard was sidelined after a false-positive. Also, Penn State coach James Franklin revealed an undisclosed player was not available for the Indiana game due to a false positive.

Hopefully this tweak to the testing model goes smoothly.