There are just some things you just shouldn’t do.

Don’t be the person who shows up to the tailgate without some sort of food or drink. Don’t be the person who pauses the game and makes everyone else wait on you. Don’t be the person who leaves at halftime.

These are all common sense rules of college football that we’ve all come to know, accept and hopefully practice. I’d like to take this time to add another common sense rule to that list.

Don’t be the person who bets against Mark Dantonio.

Dustin and I did it last week, as did the entire College GameDay crew. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Nothing good ever comes of it. With the exception of the Alabama game, Dantonio has a way of making the oddsmakers look foolish for ever making him the underdog. Last week, we all looked foolish.

So from this point forward, maybe we ought to just stop predicting Dantonio to fail. That’s my way of saying that no, I’m not betting against Dantonio to beat another top-25 team this week.

Here are the rest of our picks:

Last Week

  • Connor: 7-4
  • Dustin: 9-2


  • Connor: 30-8
  • Dustin: 30-8
Colorado State vs. Minnesota Minnesota 27, CSU 6 Minnesota 24, CSU 14
Nevada vs. Purdue Purdue 34, Nevada 28 Nevada 35, Purdue 28
Iowa vs. Rutgers Iowa 30, Rutgers 13 Iowa 38, Rutgers 24
No. 11 Wisconsin vs. No. 8 Michigan State MSU 36, Wisconsin 33 MSU 24, Wisconsin 21
Penn State vs. No. 4 Michigan Michigan 38, PSU 20 Michigan 48, PSU 28
Wake Forest vs. Indiana Indiana 28, Wake Forest 24 Indiana 31, Wake Forest 28
No. 20 Nebraska vs. Northwestern Nebraska 27, Northwestern 14 Nebraska 27, Northwestern 24