Some loved it. Some hated it. Some didn’t really care either way.

Those were the three categories that were present on Twitter on Wednesday afternoon when it was announced that the B1G had agreed to package six games with ABC/ESPN and Fox that are set to take place on a Friday night.

Many are worried about recruiting opportunities, attendance, viewership and parking, among other things, as it relates to Friday night football in B1G country. Because of this puzzling decision, fans, reporters and even some athletic departments responded to the idea of playing on Friday:

There were those who were playful:

Those who were indifferent:

Some were disappointed:

Others were mad:

A handful were reasonable:

Penn State was having none of it:

And Michigan State is OK with it…on its own terms:

It was a pretty eclectic mix of reactions on Wednesday night and the discussion is sure to continue through the rest of this week.

The B1G also said that the games for 2017 would be announced within the next week so be sure to keep your eyes glued to social media to see another slew of reactions when that happens.