Baker Mayfield has never been one to shy away from his emotions, opinions or intentions, and apparently that’s even the case in Nissan’s Heisman House.

The Heisman house is, of course, a fictitious mansion where all the former Heisman Trophy winners live together and hilarious hijinks occur, but Mayfield may have taken too far once again.

Heaven forbid, it happened at the expense of Marcus Mariotta’s meticulously prepared sandwich:

This is of course a call-back to the time Mayfield showed complete disregard for the Ohio State midfield “O” in the aftermath of the huge game between the Oklahoma Sooners and Buckeyes. Mayfield led the No. 5 Sooners to a 31-16 upset of the No. 2 Buckeyes and proceeded to rub it in.

It was about passion or maybe it was disrespect. It was probably a bit of both. Still, it was a moment that will go down in infamy with Ohio State fans and it was the ultimate salt in the wound after a heart-breaking loss in Week 2.

Mayfield threw for 386 yards and three touchdowns in the win, but the flag planting in the middle of “The Horseshoe” was arguably his most accurate stab of the night.

Perhaps in a fate of irony and certainly cosmic karma, Mayfield now plays for the Cleveland Browns.