Despite Big Ten games being cancelled left and right due to COVID-19, it appears the only Big Ten subject any national show wants to talk about is Ohio State and the Buckeyes’ potential postseason future of a Big Ten championship or spot in the College Football Playoff.

Ohio State’s fate has been a talking point on both College GameDay and FOX’s Big Noon Kickoff. To help break down the situation, FOX brought in Wisconsin athletic director Barry Alvarez.

For the entirety of this roller coaster ride that has been the 2020 college football season, the Buckeyes have been front and center. It started with Ohio State being the loudest voice when it came to getting football moved from the spring to the fall.

Once the games actually started happening, all eyes were on the Buckeyes as the Big Ten favorite and the conference’s best chance at getting into the College Football Playoff.

Then, Ohio State entered the conversation again as the Buckeyes have now seen two games canceled and would not qualify for the Big Ten title game if one more game is lost. That rule, which came from the Big Ten earlier this year, is now under intense scrutiny, and it appears that discussions of changing that rule have leaked into the conference’s weekly athletic director’s meaning.

Here’s the full quote from Alvarez.

“We haven’t had that discussion yet, but when I was asked about it, in the year of a pandemic and the situation we’ve gone through,” Alvarez said. “If in fact, we have a team that doesn’t qualify.

“And I was asked about Ohio State precisely, if they have a game canceled, I think we would have to, as ADs, revisit whether they should be involved whether they play six games. I think that is something we would have to talk about.”

This discussion seemed inevitable. It seems counter intuitive to leave Ohio State out of the Big Ten title game and potentially the CFP over an arbitrary rule.