Ever since Miami’s “Turnover Chain” captivated the college football world a few years ago, a lot of programs across the country have created their own reward for players who create takeaways on the field.

On Saturday night, we got a look at Austin Peay’s edition of the turnover reward. It’s a top hat and staff.

That’s right, the defensive player who creates a turnover gets to put on a custom Austin Peay top hat and carry around a staff while on the sideline — at least for a brief period. It’s pretty epic.

We got a look at it in the second quarter of Saturday’s game between Austin Peay and Central Arkansas, the first game of the college football season. Both teams compete at the FCS level.

Because Austin Peay’s mascot is the Governors, a top hat is actually pretty suitable. I mean, it even works with the logo.

Miami might have started the trend a few years ago, but teams are getting pretty creative in making their own turnover rewards.