The SEC likes to run its mouth about having the best college football region in the nation. In all actuality, though, the best state for the sport is right in the heart of B1G country.

FOX Sports recently looked into which states were the best for college football, based on win percentage. There was one caveat, with the state needing at least two Power Five football programs to be eligible.

Based on the numbers, Michigan came in at the No. 1 spot, beating out the likes of Alabama and Florida. Finally, something Wolverine and Spartan fans can celebrate together — at least until they go head to head.

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According to the post, Michigan and Michigan State have combined 71 percent winning clip. That was five percent better than Alabama (Auburn and Alabama), which came in at No. 2 with 66 percent.

Florida, Pennsylvania and Georgia rounded out the top five.

Who would’ve thought Michigan is the best state for college football? That’s probably not a huge surprise for Michiganders, or people in the Midwest, actually.

So the next time some SEC fan runs their mouth about having the best region for college football, just point to this statistic.