Let’s be honest.

Uniforms across the country have been catered to players and recruits. That’s the reason even traditional teams like Ohio State bust out alternate jerseys on special occasions.

Uniform tastes are obviously as subjective as it gets.

Some like the more traditional, clean look of a team like Penn State. Others like the modern, flashy style of a team like Oregon. Either way, everyone seems to have an opinion.

Pick Six Previews asked 100 uncommitted sophomore and junior recruits to name the team they felt had the best and worst uniforms. The results might surprise you:

Naturally, Oregon was voted the best by an overwhelming 60 of 94 respondents. Impressive was the fact that Maryland earned the No. 4 spot among best uniforms. Ohio State was seventh while Iowa, Michigan and Michigan State also got votes.

But the B1G was well represented among the worst uniforms, too.

Alabama and Penn State were the leading vote-getters in that category, while Maryland’s ever-polarizing uniforms were No. 3 and Michigan was No. 5. It might come as a bit of a surprise that Alabama and Penn State, two blue bloods in the college football world, would show up on that list. It’s even a surprise that Michigan wound up in the top five among the worst.

It could be more of a reflection on the demographic surveyed. Uncommitted sophomores and juniors might have different opinions than the typical college football.

It’s worth noting that the survey found that while uniforms can certainly impact a recruit’s impression of a school — positively or negatively — the 22 teams that received a vote for the worst uniforms averaged 8.86 wins in 2015. The teams voted with the best uniforms averaged only 6.5 wins.

“Look good, play good” might not be the best phrase to sum up this survey’s findings.