Even though Bret Bielema said goodbye to the B1G four years ago, sometimes it feels like he never left.

The former Wisconsin coach and current Arkansas coach hasn’t been shy about discussing his former conference. He’s been a big proponent of a B1G/SEC challenge, and he talked about Michigan canceling the series with his team because it added Notre Dame to the schedule.

When Bielema went through the ESPN carwash on Tuesday, he said that the biggest difference between the B1G and SEC is their level of “amped.”

Bielema infamously said when he was at Wisconsin that the B1G didn’t want to be like the SEC in any way, shape or form. Now, with the retirement of Steve Spurrier, Bielema has become the SEC’s biggest character.

After Michigan’s series cancelation with Arkansas, it isn’t a surprise to see the outspoken Bielema to throw a little shade at the B1G. He did preface the jab with “I love the Big 10.”

For what it’s worth, Bielema spent 20-plus years in the B1G as a player and as a coach. His four years in the SEC have apparently brought on a newfound prospective.

He certainly isn’t setting himself up for a return to the Midwest.