With so many winter, spring and summer sports being altered from the coronavirus pandemic, there’s some worry that the college football season could be affected. Right now, many decision-makers associated with the sport are planning for the potential to have the season altered, although it’s impossible to know right now if any changes will need to be made.

Thursday, Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby spoke to the media about the potential concerns of COVID-19 affecting the start of the 2020 college football season. There are several scenarios Bowlsby pointed to, including playing games without fans and delaying the start of the season.

“It’s possible we could return to some form of competition before we are comfortable with a return to public assembly,” Bowlsby said, according to 247Sports. “We could return to playing in front of no crowd. The games would still be on TV, but the environment would be far poorer as far as having no crowds in the stands.”

Games played without fans would be an incredibly strange look, but at this point, athletic directors and conference commissioners are keeping everything on the table. When there’s as much money at stake as there is with the college football season, how could they not?

But as much as everyone wants the football season to be played, there’s a real understanding that what’s happening right now in the world far outweighs the importance of sports.

“It’s entirely possible that we could see the coronavirus reappear, even if it goes away in the near term,” Bowlsby said. “The uncertainty is so unnerving, no question about it…this has enough changing components that execution (of any strategy) is difficult.”

The situation is very real for these commissioners and athletic directors, though. And they’re working on as many different options as possible for the 2020 season.