After more than week of speculation about Oklahoma and Texas bolting for the SEC, the Big 12 has fired back.

Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby spoke with multiple outlets on Wednesday evening about an alleged conspiracy that ESPN is carrying out against the remaining eight members of the Big 12.

According to Bowlsby, ESPN has approached multiple universities about leaving the Big 12 and joining the American Athletic Conference.

Per the allegation, this is because Oklahoma and Texas will not have to pay a buyout to break their Grant of Rights agreement if the Big 12 loses enough members. ESPN would also not be responsible for the final four years of its contract with the conference.

The buyout could be in excess of $75 million each for Oklahoma and Texas to leave for the SEC before the 2025 season.

Bowlsby also alleged that Oklahoma and Texas participated in the conspiracy for months while planning their exit. He says they were apart of strategy meetings that included “proprietary information” while planning their exit for the SEC.

The Big 12 issued a cease and desist letter and asked for a written response from the World Wide Leader within the next 24 hours.

ESPN has since responded with a statement saying the claims in the letter “have no merit.”

The SEC is expected to vote on Oklahoma and Texas’ potential admission to the Big 12 on Thursday.