Big Noon Kickoff is at State College for the Ohio State-Penn State matchup. Brady Quinn, Matt Leinart, and Reggie Bush all thought Ohio State needed to watch its back.

Although Meyer coached at Ohio State for quite some time, he still thought that the Buckeyes could be in trouble at Beaver Stadium.

“I got Ohio State. This stadium, I’ve experienced this stadium. This is a tough place to play. The student body are absolute nut jobs. This is the first real road game Ohio State’s had in awhile. This will be a street fight.”

Leinart agreed with Meyer. He cited the fact that Ohio State has not faced a ranked opponent on the road as well, and believes that the Penn State defense has what it takes to compete with the high-powered Ohio State offense.

“I think Ohio State’s vulnerable for a lot of reasons. They haven’t been challenged, they haven’t been tested to this point. Penn State has some first round talent in that secondary that can matchup with Ohio State’s receiving core. Most importantly, they’re gonna have 100,000 screaming fans.”

To spite coworker Brady Quinn, Reggie Bush compared this game to some of the famous Notre Dame-USC games of the past

“I think Ohio State has to be careful today,” said Bush. “This reminds me of a lot of our Notre Dame-USC games.”

Should Ohio State fans be worried?