Signing day always captivates college football fans. The focus is placed heavily on where those five-star recruits land, how well each head coach did on the trail and what impact the latest group of prospects can have at a program.

It’s pretty serious business.

But Big Ten Network host Mike Hall took a slightly different approach to the early signing period, bringing a little fun into every fan’s home amongst the stress and chaos of signing day. He created a team that every B1G fan can root for: the All-Name team.

Towards the end of BTN’s seven-hour coverage of signing day, Hall released the players with the best names from the 2018 recruiting class. The star rankings, talent level, school and positions have absolutely no impact. It’s strictly based on names.

Here were Hall’s 10 players that earned All-Name team honors:

Pretty good list. And let’s be honest, if all those players were on the same team, we’d all be tempted to purchase every jersey on the market.

Yeah, signing day was hectic and chaotic, but this was something that everyone can enjoy. Kudos to Hall for doing some great research to come up with this list.