The Big Ten has figured out its schedule for its first 5 seasons as an 18-team conference. On Thursday, the B1G revealed the conference schedule for 2024-28, explaining the model and annual rivalry games.

The Flex Protect XVIII model will be used by the B1G for the next 5 seasons. The Flex Protect model was introduced earlier this year when the B1G was planning for 16 teams. Oregon and Washington joined the conference after the 2024 and ’25 schedules were announced.

As an 18-member league, programs will continue to play 9 intraconference games per season. Over a 5-year period, teams will play every other conference opponent at least twice – once home and once away – and will play rotating opponents no more than 3 times.

With the conference expanding to 18 teams and scrapping divisions, many fans have wondered about B1G rivalry games. The designated rivalry games are being referred to as annual protected matchups.

Here are the 12 annual protected matchups from 2024-28:

  • Illinois-Northwestern
  • Illinois-Purdue
  • Indiana-Purdue
  • Iowa-Minnesota
  • Iowa-Nebraska
  • Iowa-Wisconsin
  • Maryland-Rutgers
  • Michigan-Michigan State
  • Michigan-Ohio State
  • Minnesota-Wisconsin
  • Oregon-Washington

The Big Ten Championship Game will continue to be played. It will feature the top 2 teams, with tie-breaking procedures announced at a later date.