The Big Ten revealed a “Flex Protect Plus” schedule model on Thursday that will go into place in 2024 when USC and UCLA join the conference.

Fifteen of the league’s 16 teams have at least 1 protected rivalry — games that will be played every single season. Teams will play every other conference opponent at least twice – once home and once away – in a 4-year period. The B1G is ditching divisions, but will continue to play 9 conference games each year.

Here are the protected rivalries:

  • Michigan vs. Ohio State
  • Michigan vs. Michigan State
  • Minnesota vs. Wisconsin
  • Minnesota vs. Iowa
  • Wisconsin vs. Iowa
  • Nebraska vs. Iowa
  • Maryland vs. Rutgers
  • Indiana vs. Purdue
  • Illinois vs. Purdue
  • Illinois vs. Northwestern
  • USC vs. UCLA

Every school has at least 1 except for Penn State. Fans on social media quickly pointed to the fact Maryland-Rutgers were preserved but the Ohio State-Penn State game that has produced some of the more entertaining matchups in recent B1G seasons wasn’t.