It has been one crazy year, and that has been seen in many different ways throughout the B1G.

Coming into the season, many expected the traditional hierarchy from year’s past. In the B1G East, that would mean Ohio State, Penn State, and Michigan duking it out for the division title. That has not played out, with the exception of Ohio State, as the Nittany Lions and Wolverines have just one win combined entering Week 5.

For the FOX College Football crew, Urban Meyer sees some of the top dogs getting replaced by “medium” dogs:

“The big dogs have been replaced by the medium dogs. The Wolverines and Penn State replaced by Northwestern and Indiana,” said Meyer. “If you really really watched the Indiana games against Penn State, Michigan, and Michigan State – those were not upsets, the best team won those games and that was Indiana.”

Reggie Bush echoed similar sentiments, and Bush sees one common theme among the top challengers in the conference this season:

“The shape of the conference is one that’s most intriguing. You talk about Penn State and Michigan, we kind of expect them to be at the top of the charts…but now we’re talking about Indiana, who’s going to play today against Ohio State, we’ll see what they’re made of, and Northwestern,” explained Bush. “These are all teams that we really didn’t expect to be at the top, but when I look at the common denominator for all them: they all play great defense.”

Be sure to check out the entire clip from FOX’s Big Noon Kickoff where Matt Leinart and Brady Quinn also give their picks for the biggest surprises of 2020: