The College Football Playoff Management Committee met on Wednesday to discuss the potential for expanding the CFP, but they left without coming to a consensus.

Bill Hancock, who is the Executive Director of the CFP, released a statement after the meeting talking about when and how an expansion would look like for the playoff, per SI’s Ross Dellenger.

Here’s what all was said in the memo:

“The CFP Management Committee met today to discuss expanding the Playoff. We continue to make progress, but a variety of issues remain. The commissioners will meet again to see if the remaining items can be settled. The possibility of expansions is complicated and has multiple issues associated with it. Given the importance of the matter and our desire to achieve as much consensus as possible, we will continue our meetings to see if the differences that exist can be narrowed. There remains a strong consensus that expansion is desirable, whether it begins early, or possibly not until the 2025-2026 season is over. The precise details how it can be best achieved remain to be settled. We will continue to work at it. If-and I repeat if- the commissioners move forward with a recommendation, it is up to the presidents and chancellors who serve of the Board of Managers to decide if any possible future recommendation will be accepted”

According to Dellenger, there is not a scheduled date for a follow-up meeting to discuss expansion, but the committee does expect to meet in January around the time of the CFP National Championship game. The issue, Hancock says, is timing. “This is complex,” he said, per Dellenger. Would the expanded field happen in 2024 or after the ESPN contract in 2026? That’s a question Hancock has.

Everything is still up in the air, but it’ll be fun to keep track of this and see where it goes.