Michigan and Ohio State are in the College Football Playoff!

The Wolverines were pretty much guaranteed a No. 2 seed after beating Purdue soundly for the B1G title. However, it was unclear whether or not TCU or Ohio State would earn the 3-seed. If the Buckeyes were given the 3-seed, a rematch of The Game would be waiting in the Fiesta Bowl.

CFP Chair Boo Corrigan said Sunday that the committee did not take potential rematch games into account when deciding the final field. The committee instead felt that TCU’s overall body of work was better than Ohio State’s, giving the Horned Frogs the 3-seed and Ohio State the 4-seed.

Here is Corrigan’s full statement.

“It really wasn’t discussed as we went into it. Our goal was to get the top 4 teams… Our goal is to get the right 4, ultimately the right 25 as we go through this and get them in the right order regardless of matchups. No one said let’s avoid a rematch. It was not talked about in the room.”

One thing is for certain. This year’s College Football Playoff will be a good one.