Booger McFarland loves to bring some wild analysis to football fans.

In preparation for the Monday Night Football game between the Los Angeles Rams (4-9) at the Green Bay Packers (5-8) and the incredibly cold game, McFarland discussed a tactic he used to battle the cold. Instead of drinking Gatorade on the sidelines, McFarland would drink chicken broth and whiskey.

McFarland talked about this tactic before the game:

“A little trick of the trade, in the summer time we have Gatorade. But in the winter time — no Gatorade — we have chicken broth over in our Gatorade cooler. And if you’re like me, might have a little shot of something over here, maybe something a little stronger on the side just to get you a little warmth down your throat, maybe a little whiskey.”

While it is essential to warm up during a cold weathered game, the side effects might be a little too strong for those going with the whiskey.