Is a lower level bowl game really worth watching if there isn’t going to be some sort of weirdness?

The Armed Forces Bowl between Mississippi State and Tulsa has shown plenty of weirdness, including with some bad weather. It’s made for a fun football game. One of those weird plays came via a Bulldog punt.

Watch as the Mississippi State punter screws up his kick and ends up decking one of his own teammates.

Just an odd play you most likely have to watch more than once in order to figure out what the heck was going on. It appears that punter missed the ball and kicked the ground, causing the ball to actually go forward and hit one of the blockers and rolled back to the line of scrimmage for Tulsa to recover.

Though the play is pretty funny, it’s worth knowing that the punter did walk off injured following the odd kick. Hopefully, he’s OK. That could not have felt good. That grass is probably as hard as a rock at this time of the year.

This has been an entertaining bowl game that you probably didn’t need to watch, but it’s been a fun one if you are watching. We saw Mississippi State return a kickoff for a touchdown along with a 90-yard interception return for a score.

Though the Bulldogs are the bigger program, they came into this game with a porous 3-7 record while Tulsa came in at 6-2 and ranked No. 24 in the final College Football Playoff rankings.