Bowling Green deserves credit.

The Falcons beat Purdue on Saturday, giving them their second win of the year against the B1G. If you recall, Bowling Green trounced Maryland 48-27 in Week 2.

In case you forgot either of those scores, you can get a T-shirt at the Bowling Green book stores to remind you.

Bowling Green has had recent success against the B1G. Last year’s group beat four-win Indiana team at home.

What the shirt doesn’t include is the 68-17 drubbing it was served by Wisconsin when it made the trip to Madison. It also fails to mention that Indiana rolled the Falcons 42-10 in 2013. There’s also the 65-21 loss to Michigan they suffered in 2010.

So while Bowling Green is correct in making a big deal about its recent success against the basement B1G teams, it’s also forgetting its history against non-bottom feeder teams in the conference.