Braylon Edwards is a Michigan Wolverines legend, but even he had enough of his school’s performance against No. 12 Notre Dame on Saturday night.

Michigan, ranked No. 14 nationally, has had a hard time beating ranked opponents, especially on the road, and Jim Harbaugh apparently couldn’t get his team ready for the Fighting Irish either.

Playing on the road in South Bend, Michigan got off to a slow-start and needed an amazing kick-off return to simply stay relevant. Still, Notre Dame clearly came across as the better team at all three phases of the game and despite all the hype surrounding the Wolverines heading into the season, at the time of this writing it appears they’re going to start the season 0-1.

Simply put, Michigan has been playing uninspired defense, and Edwards apparently couldn’t contain his criticism anymore.

The former U-of-M receiver took to Twitter to express his disgust at Michigan, specifically calling out players and ultimately tossing his school into the trash bin. Warning, he was clearly frustrated so he got a bit NSFW.

He also apparently came to his senses and deletes the aforementioned tweet, so here’s a screen grab instead:

To Edwards’ point, Shea Patterson didn’t look comfortable all evening in South Bend, and this is after a whole summer of being heralded as the Wolverines’ “savior” at quarterback after transferring from Ole Miss. In fact, Patterson left the game with cramping in both of his legs and ended up leaving in the fourth quarter. Edit: He did end up coming back into the game, but ended up fumbling the football on a potentially game-tying drive.

Edwards’ criticism and frustration is valid. He’s simply just stating what a lot of Michigan fans have to be feeling right now.