Brett Yormark and the Big are looking at potential expansion opportunities moving forward. On Wednesday, Yormark made an interesting comment that should shed some light on where the conference might turn for potential members.

According to Justin Williams with The Athletic, Yormark noted a desire to look “out west” in the fourth time zone. National recognition-type programs with success in both basketball and football are options.

“Well, I don’t want to get into the specifics, and I appreciate the question,” said Yormark. “But obviously going out west is where I would like to go, entering that fourth time zone. A program that has national recognition. One that competes at the highest level in basketball and football,s tands for the right things, is a good cultural fit.”

Yormark’s comments are particularly interesting considering recent reports. Following the move of USC and UCLA to bolt for the B1G, reports indicated the Big 12 was targeting Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado and Utah with Oregon and Washington also in play.

Which of those programs would best fit Yormark’s comments is certainly an interesting discussion.