The field for the College Football Playoff has been released. While Ohio State and Michigan will not get a rematch right out of the gate, it is undoubtedly one of the topics being tossed around for the national championship final at this point.

In the semifinals, Ohio State must face top-seed Georgia while Michigan will get TCU. A win by the B1G rivals would set up a rematch of The Game like never before.

The BTN crew debated what that matchup could be like for the B1G. According to Howard Griffith, the scope and magnitude of that matchup would be something like never before.

“Just the thought of being able to compete against (each other) in the final championship game? Can you imagine the scope that this game would have? The magnitude of this game” asked Howard.

Nicole Auerbach likened the possibility to North Carolina and Duke facing off in the final four recently:

“You know what would be so cool bout that, we had North Carolina-Duke in the Final Four this year, that was the first time that had ever happened,” Auerbach explained. “Then to possibly end the college football season with Michigan vs. Ohio State for a national title? These are just unprecedented situations and amazing to think about.”

Getting to the rematch will not be easy for either team, but just the idea alone is certainly a tantalizing thought for the rivalry.