Last week, ESPN announced which games it would air on its family of networks on primetime. The schedule featured eight different B1G teams.

On Monday, Big Ten Network announced which B1G games will be broadcast during primetime on Saturday nights this fall. That schedule featured 10 games and 10 B1G teams.

Here’s what BTN has on tap for Saturday night games in 2016:

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 11.07.09 AM

It’s worth noting that Minnesota will host Oregon State on Sept. 1 and Michigan State will also host Furman on Sept. 2 in primetime on Big Ten Network.

You’ll notice that not on the schedule was Michigan, Ohio State, Purdue and Wisconsin. Michigan, Ohio State and Wisconsin already have multiple primetime slots on ESPN. Purdue, however, was left off both primetime schedules.

Michigan State didn’t have any ESPN primetime games, but it will be part of back-to-back BTN night games on the road. Northwestern will also get back-to-back BTN night games, but both of those will be in Evanston.

In addition to its two ESPN primetime slots, Nebraska has the most primetime night games on the two networks with five.

Here are the total combined primetime (BTN and ESPN) games for each B1G team:

  • Nebraska (5)
  • Ohio State (4)
  • Iowa (3)
  • Penn State (3)
  • Northwestern (3)
  • Michigan State (3)
  • Wisconsin (2)
  • Rutgers (2)
  • Michigan (2)
  • Minnesota (2)
  • Indiana (1)
  • Illinois (1)
  • Maryland (1)
  • Purdue (0)