The 2019-20 men’s basketball season came to a close when the NCAA announced that the postseason tournament was being canceled.

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It marked a sad ending to what was an incredible basketball season in the Big Ten. Last year, the conference sent a record-high number of teams to the national tournament when eight programs made it.

This year, potentially 10 could have made it. ESPN’s Joe Lunardi was predicting 10 or 11 teams from the B1G making the tournament for much of the season.

The best team in the Big Ten had a 14-6 record. In fact, three did: Wisconsin, Michigan State and Maryland. No team dominated, and even team No. 12 in the standings, Minnesota, finished 8-12 in conference. That’s not exactly terrible, either.

With the season literally having come to an end already, BTN put together a montage of all the best moments and plays throughout the 2019-20 B1G season: