The SEC is still regarded as the king conference in college football. It’s the league that all other conferences are measured against each and every season.

So with the B1G being shutout of its last two College Football Playoff appearances and missing last season’s four-team bracket, the conference has lost a little bit of its prestige.

BTN analyst Spice Adams and former Penn State star Spice Adams says it’s time that stopped. He believes the B1G isn’t receiving the respect and credit it truly deserves.

“The thing is, people respect the SEC so much more than the B1G and we are so disrespected when it comes to college football,” Adams said. “Everybody is always talking about Alabama and Mississippi State, everybody in the SEC. They overlook the B1G every year. It’s time we start getting some respect.”

Adams’ statement is particularly interesting considering the following factors: The B1G finished last postseason with a 7-1 bowl record; five teams are ranked in the top 25; 11 B1G teams will play at least 10 Power Five opponents in 2018.

But it’s easier to look at the B1G’s lowly Playoff record and performance and dismiss the conference as a legitimate contender.

Maybe the B1G can get back into the four-team playoff in January and get back into the conversation as one of the best conferences in college football.