ESPN may have to start rethinking its decision to put camerman in the tunnel as teams run onto the field for the national championship game.

Obviously, ESPN wants to bring the best angles, the best shots and the most action-packed coverage as it can possibly get during the final game of the college football season. But after one of the crew’s camera guys got steamrolled as LSU was running out of the tunnel, ESPN might want to find a new approach.

A cameraman was getting excellent footage of LSU heading from the locker room onto the field at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. But when the Tigers bolted out of the tunnel, the guy holding the camera got rolled over, and ESPN had to switch its shot. Below is the brief video:

That cameraman is going to feel that one in the morning. And he’ll probably request the option to not work the tunnel gig any longer, too.

LSU and Clemson are battling in New Orleans for the College Football Playoff national title.