Carl Reed of 247Sports weighed on the reports of USC and UCLA leaving the Pac-12 for the B1G in 2024. The College Football Analyst believes this is bad news for the rest of the Pac-12.

The move wouldn’t go into effect until 2024 if it happens. However, the rest of the Pac-12 could be pretty shaken if it loses to of its premier programs in USC and UCLA. While UCLA hasn’t been the best football program as of late, it has a rich basketball history as one of the blue bloods of the sport. This could change college football as we know it.

Here’s what Reed thinks about the situation:

“This is a death sentence for the Pac-12,” said Reed. “The Pac-12 is losing its most prominent football program as well as its most prominent basketball program. The only hope they have of staying a national power is if someway the Pac-12 can develop a merger with the Big 12. The B1G is tired of hearing about the SEC being the most dominant football conference. This is a major move by the B1G”