We are 50 days away from Selection Sunday and the B1G is showing out as we begin to settle into conference play.

A few teams in the country stand out from the pack, including Purdue out of the B1G, but there is no true elite, head-and-shoulders superior team in the country this year. That should make for a fun and entertaining March Madness.

Andy Katz of Big Ten Network and NCAA released his updated bracketology with 50 days until the field of 68 is set and 10 B1G teams made his cut, the most of any conference in the nation. Below, you can find each B1G team Katz has making the field, as well as its seed.

Purdue – No. 1 seed, 2nd overall

Michigan State – No. 5 seed, 20th overall

Rutgers – No. 6 seed, 22nd overall

Indiana – No. 6 seed, 24th overall

Illinois – No. 7 seed, 27th overall

Iowa – No. 8 seed, 29th overall

Wisconsin – No. 9 seed, 34th overall

Maryland – No. 11 seed, 42nd overall

Ohio State – No. 11 seed, 45th overall

Penn State – No. 12 seed, 46th overall

As you can see, most of the B1G lies in the 5-12 seed range, with Purdue as a massive outlier. The Boilermakers are easily the best team in the conference, holding a 19-1 record with its only loss coming to Rutgers on Jan. 2 at home.

Northwestern was listed in Katz’ First Four Out group, with Michigan bringing up the rear in the short list of teams in contention on the bubble.