An overwhelming majority of college football coaches believe a woman will be hired as an assistant within the next 10 years, according to a survey run by CBS Sports.

CBS has been running a series titled Candid Coaches, in which three writers ask anonymous college coaches several questions on a variety of topics. Most recently, the coaches were asked if they believed women would have a role on the sidelines by the year 2027.

Seventy-nine percent of coaches said yes.

Why do so many believe women will make their way into coaching world of college football? CBS Sports asked for some explanations:

As long as they know what they’re talking about, guys don’t care. They just want to get better. Dennis Francione never played. [Neither did] Charlie Weis or Lou Holtz. Obviously, it’s a game you can learn if you commit to it.

While more than three-fourths of coaches believed women would be assistant coaches within 10 years, there were still some doubters about the issue. When one coach was asked for an explanation, he gave the following response:

No. You’re limited with how many on-field assistants you have in college. In the NFL, you’re not limited. So you can just create a spot and hire whoever you want. You don’t have that ability in college right now.

It’s impossible to predict when a woman would be named an assistant, and it’s hard to predict which school would make the first hire. But the topic is fascinating and even more interesting that so many coaches believe women will have more integral roles in college football in the near future.