The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) seems to be what sport leagues around the world are following guidance from during this time of the coronavirus pandemic.

It’s smart, too. After all, the CDC knows more about what’s going on than you or I do. Of course fans want sports. But, is that what’s best right now?

Not exactly.

The CDC issued an update Sunday night that may prolong certain sports from returning or starting their seasons even longer than we may have thought:

As the tweet from Shira Stein states, the CDC recommends that gatherings of 50 or more people over the next eight weeks be postponed or cancelled. This isn’t great from a sports standpoint.

As Adrian Wojnarowski tweeted, the NBA is already thinking of having its season return as early as mid-June:

Again, this gives roughly eight weeks (potentially more) before the return of the NBA. The NFL has said that the year will start as planned, but again, we don’t exactly know how long this is all going to last.

We can only hope for everybody’s safety and that sports will resume sooner rather than later.