Danny Kanell has been many things and he’s done it all at a high level. He was a quarterback at Florida State when the Seminoles were the best football program in America. He played for their top-10 baseball program as well and had interest from Major League Baseball teams.

From there he went to the NFL and made millions signal calling for whatever franchise required his services, and then he retired and went into media, where he’s been one of the premier voices of college football these last nearly ten years. And here, many have lovingly and derisively called him, “Troll,” a professional fire starter and needler of the well-to-do, consoler of the afflicted.

Sunday morning Kanell was back at his work, admitting he had invented the six game minimum he had been touting for his top eight playoff contenders, and jamming a Group of Six team into his top four, meaning if the College Football Playoff were picked today, Kanell would take the Cincinnati Bearcats over the in-state, undefeated behemoth Ohio State to play for the sport’s ultimate prize, leaving the mighty Big Ten team at home in exchange for the squad from the American Athletic Conference.

Troll? Needler? Earnest analyst? You’ll have to ask Danny. His top eight is below and features both the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers at spot eight, and the aforementioned Bearcats of Cincinnati. He has Alabama, Notre Dame, and Clemson rounding out the top four, with Ohio State just outside at number five, followed by Florida and Texas A&M to fill all the slots.