This is devastating news.

A member of Tuskegee University’s football team is in need of support. Jabari Bailey lost his leg in an accident in which he was trying to help a friend who was stranded earlier this month in Memphis. While being a “Good Samaritan,” a truck crashed into the rear of another car and pinned Bailey between two cars. One of his legs was severed at the knee.

“The entire university is heartbroken for Jabari, his family and for all of us who know him,” Tuskegee University AD and head football coach Willie Slater said in a statement. “There are no words to describe how it felt to hear this terrible news. The football team, athletic program and university will be there to support Jabari in any way we can throughout this incredibly difficult time in his life.”

Bailey has set up a GoFundMeAccount to help assist with various expenses. The university released details as to what the GoFundMeAccount would cover:

NCAA rules permit Tuskegee to pay directly for Jabari’s actual and necessary expenses related to him and his family. This GoFundMe account extends beyond that scope of covering rehabilitation and any other related expenses. The GoFundMe effort is in compliance with NCAA rules and allows all fans, donors and supporters to contribute to these particular expenses

The driver of the truck was charged with failing to yield causing a serious injury.