Right now, everyone associated with college football is preparing as if the 2020 season will carry on as scheduled. It’s the only way to ensure that everything is ready to go if schools and athletics teams are given the green light in the coming months.

It’s no different for College Football Playoff Executive Director Bill Hancock. Though there are plenty of uncertainties regarding the 2020 season and whether or not an alternative option will be necessary in a few weeks, Hancock said he’s moving forward as if nothing will change in the schedule.

“We’re planning on a CFP,” Hancock told ESPN’s Heather Dinich. “That’s what our staff is doing as we speak. Planning for it on time.”

Hancock acknowledged that, in reality, the decision to have a season and a College Football Playoff won’t be his to make. Medical and government officials will be the ones to make that call.

“It’s only April,” he said. “It’s just too soon. It’s premature. The decision about whether to have a season and a CFP won’t be made by the coaches and commissioners. It will be made by the medical people. We have to be prepared, and we will be prepared to have a CFP.”

The mindset of being prepared to continue as if the playoff will go on as planned is the best way to handle the ongoing situation. While there could quite possibly be some changes coming to the college football season, it does know use attempting to project what could happen by the end of May — when many expect a decision to come.

The College Football Playoff is entering its seventh year of existence in 2020, with its inaugural season coming in 2014.