Those of you hoping for an eight-team field for the College Football Playoff might have to wait a little longer. At least that’s what executive director Bill Hancock is saying.

Since the inauguration of the four-team system, there’s been a debate about whether there should be an expansion to an eight-team format. Apparently, the only places those conversations are happening is amongst fans and media folks.

“There’s been no talk about a format change in the meetings of the commissioners and the presidents who manage the CFP,” Hancock said, according to ESPN’s Heather Dinich.

If the 2018 season doesn’t prompt any discussion about a potential expansion, it’s unlikely it’ll happen any time in the near future.

Oklahoma, Ohio State and Georgia were all in the mix for the fourth and final spot on Sunday, with the Sooners getting the final bid. An argument could’ve just as easily have been made for the Buckeyes. And while the Bulldogs had two losses, they were worthy contenders, as well.

Hancock said the debate is exactly why the playoff was created.

“This was the kind of debate we wanted when we created the playoff,” Hancock said. “We wanted diverse opinions, we wanted people who wouldn’t hesitate to state their feelings, and man, we got it.”

Though an eight-team field seems good in theory, the issues that would be encountered would be the exact same as a four-team system. That is, someone is going to get left out.

Sure, there’s plenty of debate, argument and criticism about within the system, but for now, the four-team format seems to be working just fine.