Most of the betting action over the next month is going to involve college basketball and the 2019 NCAA Tournament. But if you can’t stay away from college football, Las Vegas Super Book has updated its title odds for next season.

Odds in Vegas are always changing, but the latest had some interesting twists involving the B1G.

Not surprising, Ohio State led the way for the conference with 8/1 odds, tied for third-best nationally along with Georgia. Clemson has 2/1 and Alabama is at 5/2. Behind the Buckeyes was rival Michigan, with 14/1 odds to claim a national title.

There really are no surprises with Ohio State and Michigan. It’s who’s next on the list out of the B1G that is a little stunning.

Nebraska is listed with 40/1 odds to claim a national title in 2019 following a 4-8 year. Those odds are the same as Florida, Oregon and Texas A&M. The Huskers are also above Wisconsin (80/1), Iowa (100/1) and Penn State (100/1) in the conference.

It seems the Scott Frost bandwagon is pretty full already.

Odds are constantly changing in Vegas, so this probably won’t look anything like what we see when the season gets a little closer. Still, it’s a bit surprising to see the Huskers getting so much love this early.