The Football Bowl Association is rebranding to “Bowl Season,” Executive Director Nick Carparelli announced on Friday.

The rebrand includes a new tag line —  “A Celebration of College Football” — and a new logo.

Per a press release, this was the result of a collaboration between Carparelli, the leaders of the 44 bowl games, all 10 conferences and media partners.

“For four decades, the Football Bowl Association has served as a staunch advocate of the bowl system,” Carparelli said in the release. “But until now, it’s been a behind-the-scenes organization designed to facilitate conversation among bowl leadership and stakeholders.  Since joining the organization last spring, I’ve listened to our membership’s clear desire for a new identity– to rebrand the FBA to speak directly to those who love this sport.

“The stretch from mid-December through the first week of January marks one of the most endlessly entertaining times on the sports calendar. Footballs are flying morning, noon and night. It creates an opportunity to honor teams that have put in the work and provides an unforgettable victory lap for student-athletes. We’re excited to build up ‘Bowl Season’ as a true celebration of college football.”

Unfortunately for college football fans, several bowls appear to be in jeopardy due to the coronavirus pandemic. The 2020 Holiday Bowl has already been canceled and there are several other bowls that could be in danger.