Michigan-Ohio State was undoubtedly the biggest game of the 2022 college football season in terms of postseason impact.

The College Football Playoff selection committee followed in the footsteps of the AP Top 25, electing to rank Michigan No. 2 and Ohio State No. 5 after the Wolverines’ 45-23 road win over the Buckeyes.

With CFB rankings comes debate. Plenty of fans and media members questioned whether Michigan deserved to be No. 1 over Georgia after a blowout win over a top-5 team on the road. While Ohio State is now behind USC, some wondered if the Buckeyes had a case to remain ahead of the Trojans.

After Tuesday’s rankings reveal, CFP selection committee chair Boo Corrgian took questions from members of the media. He was asked to describe how the committee viewed The Game:

Q. Boo, we all obviously saw the Ohio State-Michigan game and the second half in particular went bad for Ohio State. What’s your view of that game? Was it more that it was a blowout 45-23 or it was a close game until it got out of hand at the end? Also kind of a second part of that, how much does the committee try to guard against recency bias?

BOO CORRIGAN: The recency bias is something we do talk about on a regular basis to make sure as we’re going through this that we’re looking at everything and looking at the full body of work. It was talked about in the committee room that going into really early in the fourth quarter the game was still close.

That being said, you can’t completely dismiss the way the fourth quarter ended with Michigan kind of taking over the game there late.

There’s a lot of respect for Ohio State in the room and the wins they’ve had this year, so again, taking the full body of work, it was certainly something we looked at, but it wasn’t, it’s a blowout, let’s move on.

We’ll see if the lack of recency bias and ranking Ohio State at No. 5 this week impacts the final CFP rankings on Sunday.