We are in just the fifth year of the College Football Playoff, but fans are already clamoring for expanding the current system.

The talk of expanding the Playoff gained steam following last year’s final-four selection. That season saw two SEC teams make the final four, including Alabama who did not even win its division.

Talk of expanding the system from the current four-team format only grew this season. UCF, winner of 25 straight games in back-to-back undefeated seasons, has been left out of the Playoff each year. Ohio State was also left out of the Playoff in back-to-back years despite winning the B1G in 2017 and 2018.

Despite the growing chatter surrounding potential expansion, do not expect any changes anytime soon. According to ESPN’s Heather Dinich, CFP executive Bill Hancock claimed there has been “no talk” about a change to the current system:

“There’s been no talk about a format change in the meetings of the commissioners and the presidents who manage the CFP,” Hancock said Sunday, adding that he didn’t expect any changes to the selection committee’s protocol, either.

Hancock went on to explain that the debates about the Playoff field throughout this season are exactly what was wanted in establishing a Playoff:

“This was the kind of debate we wanted when we created the playoff,” Hancock said. “We wanted diverse opinions, we wanted people who wouldn’t hesitate to state their feelings, and man, we got it.”

Are you okay with the Playoff in the current four-team format? Or should it be expanded to an eight-team system?