The College Football Playoff expansion talks are ongoing as the debate for expanding it versus not expanding it has kicked into high gear for fans across the country.

Bill Hancock gave an update on these talks to ESPN’s Adam Rittenberg on Tuesday evening and said there’s still a lot of complex issues to go over with regards to expanding the CFP.

With regards to how many more teams could be in the CFP moving forward, Hancock said that 8 and 12 team models were discussed, as was the one they currently use with 4 teams.

After that, Hancock also confirmed that he didn’t regret releasing the 12 team format back in June and wanted the truth to be out there for everyone to see. It also sounds like the expanded format will be finalized before media partners are brought in.

This will be a topic that will be discussed for many more months as the debate won’t go away quietly with how some fans think it’s the same teams each year in the CFP.